Reclaimed building specialist steps in as Penguins Preschool Project Manager

Unpacking Kevin Kimwelle in just 10 questions? Perhaps a bit ambitious. Never the less here’s some insight into what makes this innovative architect tick and why his role as Project Manager for Penguins Preschool is such a natural fit.

1. Tell us your story. Where do you come from? What brought you to SA?_ I…


The Gamification of Waste Management

What makes playing games so enjoyable? The mistery of chance, the curiosity of the end result or the thrill of undivided concentration? All of these attributes seemed appealing to us and so when we were invited back to Open Design Cape Town we decided that our exhibition should take the form of an interactive game.

Visitors were given a…


Kick-starting a Marine Protection Tribe

The Sustainable Seas Trust recently facilitated its inaugural African Marine Waste Conference in Port Elizabeth’s Feather Market Hall and I’m excited to share my experience of it. The four day event was crammed with fascination, fresh information, firsthand accounts from the coal face of marine protection and insights from global experts. 

I must admit that…


Confessions of a Waste Monger

I have a confession to make. Although I’ve been preaching about responsible waste management for the last four years, it was only in September last year that I adopted a zero waste lifestyle in my home environment. There, I said it. Feels good to have that weight off my shoulders. For all those who assumed that I’d been living this…


7 Step guide to a Zero Waste Lifestyle

Designing a system that fits your household is a matter of finding a spot for each material.
Collecting your grey water serves a few purposes and, although specialised systems can be installed, I simply fit a flattish bucket into my sink and gather shower/bath water (emptying my bath water has become a daily meditation - and opportunity to…